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ETN Consultants Inc.

ETN Consultants Inc. is a real estate consulting company based in Knoxville, TN. We provide a wide range of consulting services such as, commercial real estate appraisal, complex property valuations, property tax planning, property tax review, and resolving valuation disputes. We have extensive experience consulting with clients on property taxes, commercial real estate valuation, and value disputes.

We are a member of Clarus Global Alliance. This alliance plugs us into an elite network of valuation professionals with a national presence and endless expert resources. This partnership coupled with our long-standing commercial real estate experience and local expertise means, whatever decisions your facing in commercial real estate, we can help you make better decisions.

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You cannot make a major purchase without understanding what will happen to your taxes in the next few years. It’s not enough to look back over the last few years and project 3% increases going forward. Fighting with the assessor after you buy it is something you want to avoid. And what about tax incentives? What if you could lock in a tax reduction in advance? Or at least temper a major increase? Then there are short-term opportunities. What if you could avoid the conveyance tax? Or get a short-term exemption on the renovations you plan for immediately after the sale? What if there is a one-time grant available for your project? How would you know? This is what we do. Many of our clients learned the hard way . . . and a PTR is now an automatic “get” in due diligence.

Not in due diligence, but at the bidding stage? You want a reasonable ballpark for your projections but are not yet ready to spend the money you would once in due diligence. Thus, the PTR-Basic. A PTR answers two questions:

1) What happens to taxes in the next few years based on a given price?

2) Are there any tax incentives (PILOTs, TIFs, etc.) available?

A PTR-Basic answers the first question. Once in due diligence, we move to the more complete picture, answering the tax incentive question.

Candidly, there are a lot of tax consulting firms. There are fundamental flaws that plague the industry. A lack of technical competency (appraisal), agreements that favor a bias against the client, and a posture that fosters distrust with taxing jurisdictions. If you are wondering why a tax appeal is taking so long, chances are it’s the result of one of these flaws.  It’s not important how big a firm is. What matters is who is on point for you. We oversee client properties throughout the United States. For properties where a long-term tax agreement (LTA) was not possible, we monitor the reasonableness of assessments and case manage value disputes.

We do a lot of work with assessor’s nationally on helping resolve value disputes. We can, on the one hand, conduct an informal fact-gathering project with the goal of identifying where the differences are and helping to pursue resolution OR we can ramp up for a trial (all the while you are pursuing resolution).

The core competency of any commercial real estate or tax consulting firm should be in real estate appraisal. This is our core competency. If you are in a value dispute or need to settle an estate or facilitate a partnership disposition, we are available to provide defensible valuations and communicate those opinions in various forums. As with other services, it begins with a conversation.

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We are proud to announce that East Tennessee Valuation Inc. has partnered with Clarus Global Alliance and is now ETN Consultants Inc. This new partnership will allow us to better serve our clients and community by leveraging our well-established understanding of real estate appraisal providing focused research, lowering risk, and resolving conflict.